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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Recommitting to the art of nursing in an age of evidence-based and data-driven care.


As a premier Jesuit institution, John Carroll University brings a mission-driven response to a pressing regional and national nursing shortage.


Our initial Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Fall, 2023) and subsequent advanced practice programs will address a specific need for future nurse leaders prepared to play an expanded role in patient care.


BSN graduates from John Carroll will apply deep core knowledge — theology, philosophy, humanities, sciences — and embrace the complexity of clinical decision-making in an age of evidence-based and data-driven care.

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Projected Timeline

Fall 2022

Recruitment begins for the first cohort of BSN students starting in Fall 2023. Director of Nursing and additional faculty to be announced.

Winter 2022/2023

New High and Low Fidelity Nursing Simulation Labs open in the Dolan Science Center.

Fall 2023

The first cohort of BSN students begin coursework.

Facility Renders

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5 Reasons Why: JCU + Nursing

1. Cleveland: Hallmark of Excellence

Cleveland enjoys a global reputation for clinical excellence, game changing research and successful patient outcomes. John Carrroll quickly secured clinical support for its nursing initiative from the region’s three major healthcare systems (Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, and the MetroHealth System).

2. BSN: The Greater Good

In 2010, the Institute of Medicine published a report setting a goal of increasing the ratio of nurses earning their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) to 80% percent by 2020. John Carrroll’s nursing initiative will help the region and nation reach that goal. Research demonstrates how nurses with a BSN display higher clinical competency, show improved skills in their practice and produce lower mortality rates and better patient outcomes.

3. Nurse as Health Equity Advocate

As front line providers, BSN-trained nurses can grasp and help to address vast discrepancies in health outcomes and life expectancies across patient segments and socio-economic conditions. By understanding the benefits of health promotion and disease prevention, and training their teams on the nuances of cultural health, BSN professionals can help ensure better health for all. All John Carroll nursing students will be invited to lift up human dignity through service-based learning experiences close to campus, and through such opportunities as our annual Honduras medical immersion trip.

4. Nursing + Liberal Arts: Catalytic Difference

Every JCU undergraduate student claims a foundation of core learning to support their professional aspirations — whether in nursing, engineering, medicine, business, education or other professions. Core, integrative and experiential learning combine to give BSN students a catalytic difference. This combination will inform their identity as a nurse and fortify their nursing practice. Exposure to bioethics and clinical decision-making practices will shape their habits and thinking as future-minded clinicians.

5. Fully Reflective Nurse Professionals

As a Jesuit institution, John Carroll supports and cultivates a student’s academic, emotional, and social awareness and intelligence. Our BSN graduates will mature as fully-reflective nurse professionals able to foster everyone’s well-being, including your own. Studies find higher resilience and job satisfaction among BSN credentialed nurses, especially those trained at faith-based colleges and universities.

JCU Nurse Alumni

Long before establishing a formal BSN degree, John Carroll graduated students who went on to pursue nursing careers. These alumni work in many settings: General Medical and Surgical Hospitals, Physician Offices, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Home Healthcare, Outpatient Care Centers, Veterans Hospitals, Specialty Hospitals, and Elementary and Secondary Schools.

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